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Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Big Girl Bed

We were long overdue in getting Elsa moved from her crib into a bed!

It was getting embarrassing since she is not a baby anymore!


I guess we just didn't feel rushed because she liked her crib and slept happily in it.

But she has lately learned how to crawl out! So, once I realized I no longer had the crib as a confinement option, I figured we might as well put her in a bed!

I hope you all are having a marvelous summer!

We've been up to all sorts of different things...

Taking day trips to visit quaint, nearby towns...

Going to our children's Tee-ball games...

And of course, enjoying being home!

We keep busy out in the yard and garden...

And on projects inside, too... like Elsa's bed...

So... What do you think?

I am actually quite excited about it!!!

This is the 'Before'...

All four of my babies slept in this crib. And just like that it's gone! 

(We sold it to a nice family who needed it.)


But there was no time to get sentimental.... I had decorating to do!!

This is what this corner of the girls' room looks like now...

I used blankets and pillows that we already had. 

Except for a new set of white sheets, I didn't purchase any new bedding.

I am very happy with it!!!

Do you see the lamp in the corner?...

I really love to have bedside lamps for cozy reading ambience, but initially didn't have one for Elsa's bed. 

The first night she slept in the bed, the corner looked like this...

But the other day I happened to be at a thrift store with my mom and kids, and found the floor lamp for $4.00!

It is a heavy, solid brass lamp, which I am happy about. Elsa won't be able to knock it over easily. 

(A quick word on thrift stores... If you are willing to dig around in a little junk, you can find pieces for your home extremely inexpensively! Of course, we don't want to junk up our homes, ladies. But there is no need to spend our husband's hard earned money on lavish decor. I have decorated my home with mainly hand-me-downs from family, and thrift store finds. Just be willing to go and look and dig around a little... And while you're digging be thinking! Think about the needs your home has!)

There was another little shop next door to the thrift shop I found the lamp in. That's where I found the shade. It was $6.00. So, for only $10.00 I was able to give Elsa an adorable, useful, bedside reading lamp.

The lampshade actually came with a double!

A set of two!

But my one-tracked mind could only think about Elsa's new bed project. All the rest of us have had lamps by our beds, so I only bought one. But when I caught up with my mom and she found out that I had only purchased one, she sent me back into the store for the other.

The lady behind the counter probably thought she was experiencing deja-vu! Haha... Like, Hey!... Didn't I just see you up here buying that lampshade?

I told her my mom made me come back in for the other one so that I would have a set.

She said, "I wish my adult daughter listened to me! She just thinks I'm a nag."

I said a few words to try to encourage her about her daughter, and we laughed together. 

When I got home I was really glad I bought the second shade! Because now Nola has one by her bed, too!

I think they're adorable!

Friends! I have a crib-free house full of big kids!

How did this happen?!!!

You blink... And your babies aren't babies anymore!

*Big fat sniff*

But, Elsa has loved her new bed, has transitioned to it well, and feels very proud of herself...

So, how can I feel sad?

Sweet dreams, Elsa...

And sweet dreams to you as well, dear readers...

Until next time...


~ Courtney ~


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