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Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Fun

Hello friends!!!

WELCOME to my humble blog.

I realize there are many beautiful and professional blogs out there, so the fact that you take the time to stop here means so much to me!

I know I don't blog regularly, but it sure seems that when I do, you all are very supportive.

I truly appreciate that!

Some of you send me private messages and some of you tell me in person that you're reading, and I just love hearing that!!! It motivates me to keep blogging!

You know, I have published over one hundred posts since I started this blog a year and a half ago!

I almost can't believe it!

One of the reasons I started it was to record family stories and photos.

So today's post is more of a family post and all about Summer Fun!!!

We haven't done any major trips yet this summer. Everywhere we've gone so far has been within an hour from home.

We like to just jump in the car and go...

No plan...

No agenda...

We just want to spend some time together.

A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves heading north towards Door County, and Micah randomly asked, "Hey! Wanna stop by The Farm? I think we're close..."

And we all exclaim, "Yeah! Sounds fun!!!"

It's a darling little place where you can feed and hold the animals...

I found this book in their adorable gift shop.

Have you ever read it?

I really love winter and am always looking for beautiful ways to enhance our homelife during the cold months. I snatched this right up and am saving it to read to my kids during our read-a-loud sessions next school year.

Sometimes when we're driving we'll see the most intriguing sights.

Some we just snap a picture of from the car and keep driving...

Others we stop for, so that we can explore...

Micah and I have always really loved nature. Being outside together was a huge part of our dating and early married life. So naturally, we've been raising our kids the same way.

We're hoping to teach them how to be good climbers and strong swimmers... How to be content with just fresh air and a trail to walk down... And how to enjoy God's artwork and views.

(I do think it is something that needs to be taught. Not everyone is born with the natural inclination to want to be outside. We went through a stretch with one of our children last summer where he would complain every time we got out on our trails. He would cry and ask to be held while we walked. Micah and I remained consistent all last summer to tell him, "No, this is a nature walk. Everyone walks!" He eventually got over it and no longer gives us any trouble when we go outside.)

It's always fun to check out a new park...

Or stop at a lake to go fishing...

Nola cracks me up.

She has NO problem holding her own with the boys...

Finding a small-town parade is also a fun summer thing to do...

It sure was HOT standing out on that pavement...

But the kids loved it!

We've also managed to sneak in a few beach days, too.

I'm hoping for many more before fall arrives!

I think going to the beach is my most favorite summer activity!

But of course, nothing is as wonderful as just being HOME...

There's plenty of summer fun to be had at home!

We have a small pond at the bottom of our property that the kids love to swim in...

(Our pond is very deep and murky, so we make them wear life vests.)

Our baby Elsa turned 3 this summer.

We took her to a nearby amusement park to enjoy a few rides...

Then had a small family party for her at home...

She was spoiled with gifts...

And cake...

And a private ride with dad in his fancy summer car...

And once all the excitement was over and we are cleaning up for bed, we noticed that we could see fireworks from our windows! So of course we had to stay up to watch that!!!

I think Elsa had a nice birthday.

If you know her you'll know about her obsession with sunglasses and band-aids. (Or as she calls them, 'dam-baids')

So I got her a box for her birthday.

She loves to use them like they're stickers.

And you know... 4th kid... I'm like, "Eh, have at it. What do I care?!"

;) ;) ;)

Well, friends...

It is pouring rain outside... My kids are playing "Super Hero" (A costume game they made up)... And I'm going to get started on a sewing project.

I'll share it with you next time!

What's your favorite Summer fun activity? 

Feel free to share in the comments!


~ Courtney ~


  1. I love all the pictures!! Makes me miss being there. I've decided I'm a very big fan of the north. It's just beautiful!!

    1. Yes, it is! I think you should move on up! ;) Lol... Thanks for the comment! :)


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